HFC Solutions for Network Evolution

COMTECH provides a wide spectrum of CATV transmission elements covering all the segments from the headend to the service access point. More than 1000 product types are available to serve the needs of the large as well as the small sevice providers. The user satisfaction is guaranted by the excellent quality materials, by the professional experience of almost 30 years and 2500000 sold network elements. All our products are developed regarding to the customer feedbacks - the result is an easy-to-use product family with the highest level compatibility with all network topologies.


Take a look at our offer with the unique automatic four-state ingress management solution, with the multiprotocol monitoring system and with the robust modular node/amplifier family designed for extreme environmental conditions, which are working among others in Switzerland, in Malta and of course in Hungary.


"The reason why we co-operate with COMTECH Ltd is because they give us competitive products which perfectly stand up to our requirements. The products’ operation safety and quality meet the highest requirements. COMTECH Ltd is a realible partner for us because of the good co-operation and service background."

(Gottfried Schaffelhofer; CEO; Schaffelhofer CATV-Service; Austria)


Headend optical products

A really modern CATV headend launches and terminates optical signals. COMTECH provides all the needed elements of the optical-RF border surface in both signal directions. The dual and the most recent quad housing fills the requirement of higher density and this is supported by the possibility of the choice from the two different sized mainframes. All our headend optical products are managed and remote controlled beside the standardized local user interface.


Optical nodes


Optical nodes are key elements of each HFC network independent from the practical topology. COMTECH sells solutions for all the popular technologies such as:


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Broadband Amplifiers

The hybride CATV networks contain broadband amplifiers after the optical node. Particularly in lower subscriber density areas more network layers are involved with these elements - this means a higher number of amplifiers with various roles. COMTECH sells different construction amplifiers for each network layers for the following functionalities:


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Monitoring Products

In the most european countries regulations prescribe that CATV networks have to be at service in the 99,99 percent of an arbitrary time interval. Since the network elements work in 24 hours often under very extreme environmental conditions it is hard to operate larger systems without management but observing the regulations. To overcome this problem COMTECH provides complete network management solutions. All the service providers can choose the corresponding protocol, gateway, server and transponder set from our product spectrum that contains transponders for OEM nodes and amplifiers too. 

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Signal Organization

One of the largest challenge at building a headend is to realize a clear-cut and small sized RF connection network between the signal sources and the optical elements. COMTECH provides 1U sized active and passive signal organizers containing splitters, combiners and direction couplers with various coupling values optimized for optical or coaxial segments. As special products bandpassed and impedance matching types are developed too. For feeding this network high level amplifiers may be needed which are available in forward path and in return path. The amplifiers are insertable into the optical mainframes and can be managed by all COMTECH monitoring solutions.


Optical passives


The optical networks need by all splitters, combiners, couplers and depending on the used technology WDM filters, multiplexers and demultiplexers. COMTECH deals in these elements and for mounting them on a headend also an optical rack is offered.


Auxiliary Products

To achieve best performance precise gain and tilt set, cable simulation, automatic leveling and filtering could be needed. COMTECH produces these elements as modules insertable into the modular devices. Further auxiliary units are the remote powering transformer and the interactive subscriber connector realizing a well defined leadable service access point.